Marine Invertebrates Photography

Invertebrates are probably my favourite subject to photograph. Marine invertebrates even better! So far, these images are all from tropical coral reef environments, the most biodiverse regions on the planet. My 2014 trip to the Red Sea was for a book about Coral reefs and the life they support.

Coral Reefs project
Coral Reefs and the life they support. A book by Toby Gibson

This book heavily features marine invertebrates, particularly the various types of coral and the other invertebrates that live amongst it. During the day, ‘critters’ are often difficult to spot, but during the night they can come out in force. Hermit crabs, feather stars and sea urchins in particular come out at night.

Nudibranchs on the other hand are active during the day. Along with some of the flatworms, nudibranchs or sea slugs are usually incredibly colourful and are a favourite amongst photographers. They can range in size considerably though, and the smaller ones can be tricky to spot without a guide.

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