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As an experienced underwater photographer I have been lucky enough to visit and dive in many beautiful places. I first started taking pictures beneath the surface way back in 1992, well before the advent of digital photography. In 1994 I was part of an expedition to Eritrea on the Red Sea. We were a group of divers from Aberystwyth University, surveying the reefs in this relatively (even to this day) unexplored part of the World. This really cemented my love for the underwater world. I still remember vividly my first dive on a tropical coral reef. The colours, movement of the many fish and the busy sounds of the reef are still clear in my mind.

Twenty years on and my photography has had to move with the times. In 2014 I returned to the Red Sea, this time in Egypt, with a fellow student from Nottingham university. As part of my Master’s course in Biological Photography and Imaging I produced a book on Coral reefs and the life they support.

This section of the website includes links to my blog posts on underwater photography as well as other sections on specific areas of underwater photography.

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