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  • Fuvahmulah
    Fuvahmulah Island in the Maldives is an unspoiled natural haven, distinct for its flat, oval shape and rich biodiversity, including coral reefs and whale sharks. It combines cultural depth with warm local hospitality and offers activities like diving, surfing, and trekking. Emphasizing sustainable tourism, this overlooked destination promises a unique mix of adventure, relaxation, and cultural experience.
  • Tiger Sharks in the Maldives
    Fuvahmulah, Maldives, offers a journey through its vibrant underwater realm, highlighting the grace of tiger sharks in their natural habitat. Enthusiasts can experience the majesty of these creatures and the rich marine life surrounding them. Photography immortalizes this ecosystem’s grandeur, emphasizing the critical need for conservation. Emphasizing eco-conscious tourism, Fuvahmulah promises unforgettable aquatic adventures, urging the protection of marine wonders for posterity.
  • Gallery of marine invertebrates
  • Gallery of Marine Invertebrates
    A gallery of Marine (Sea) Invertebrate images by Toby Gibson Photography
  • Malapascua