Coral reefs feature in these portfolio galleries:

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Aerial view of a healthy coral reef

Coral reefs portfolio

Images of coral reefs from around the world, including the Red Sea, Philippines and Maldives. All images in this gallery …

Portfolio images from Red Sea 2014

Select photographs from my 2014 trip to the Red Sea. Mainly underwater photographs of coral reefs, invertebrates, marine life, tropical …

Malapascua 2014 portfolio images

Photographs of marine invertebrates feature heavily in this gallery of images from Malapascua 2014. All images available for purchase from …
Coral Reefs project
Coral Reefs and the life they support. A book by Toby Gibson

Coral reefs are the most biodiverse ecosystem on the planet, and I have been lucky enough to dive on and photograph many of them. The photographs on this section of the website are mostly from the Red Sea, the Maldives and the Philippines. In 2014 I visited the southern Red Sea near Marsa Alam in Egypt. The aim of this trip was to photograph the area, above and below the surface, for my subsequent book “Coral reefs and the Life they Support”.

This book covers the topics of species living on the reefs, from invertebrates to mammals. Also included is the technique of fluorescence photography. Most important to me however is the topic of conservation, which is a theme throughout the book.

Blog posts on coral reefs:

Racing Stripe Flatworm on colourful coral

Racing stripe flatworm

Racing stripe flatworm swims over Discosoma coral Location & date Chocolate Island, Malapascua, Philippines. 16th November 2014 Subject The racing …
Biodiversity of coral reefs in one picture

Biodiversity of coral reefs

Coral reef scene in the Red Sea Location & date Emperor divers house reef at Palace and Sahara Sands Hotels, Marsa …
Fluorescent polyps of reef building coral

Fluorescent coral polyps

Image under ultraviolet showing fluorescent coral polyps Location & date Wadi Lahami, Red Sea, Egypt: 23rd June 2014 Subject Corals of …
Soft coral with fish shoal in the background, Calanggaman

Coral reef scene in the Philippines

Soft coral reef scene with shoal of fish in the background Location & date Malapascua, Philippines: 19th November 2014 Subject …
Where life begins on coral reefs - {Favia favus}

Favia favus – Head coral

Head coral Favia favus under super macro Location & date Malapascua, Philippines: 17th November 2014 Subject Favia favus is a …