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  • Red Sea anemonefish

    Red Sea anemonefish

    One Red Sea anemonefish on magnificent sea anemone in the Red Sea

  • Biodiversity of coral reefs

    Biodiversity of coral reefs

    Coral reef scene in the Red Sea Location & date Emperor divers house reef atĀ Palace and Sahara Sands Hotels, Marsa Alam, Egypt: 21st JuneĀ 2014 Subject – Biodiversity of coral reefs This image for me encapsulates the biodiversity of coral reefs in one picture. It is probably the most species I have ever crammed into one…

  • Pod of spinner dolphins

    Pod of spinner dolphins

    Spinner Dolphins Stenella longirostris in the Red Sea   Location & date Fury Shoals, Egypt: 26th June 2014 Subject Spinner dolphins Stenella longirostris form pods like this one in the sheltered areas of the Fury Shoals. These are relatively shallow sandy-bottommed areas, a perfect place for bringing up young dolphins. Expert boat drivers from Red…