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  • Racing stripe flatworm

    Racing stripe flatworm

    Racing stripe flatworm swims over Discosoma coral Location & date Chocolate Island, Malapascua, Philippines. 16th November 2014 Subject The racing stripe flatworm Pseudoceros bifurcusĀ is a ‘say what you see’ species. The distinctive white stripe with dark border easily identifies this species. This example has a cut, possibly a bite mark, on one side. This particular…

  • Coral reef scene in the Philippines

    Coral reef scene in the Philippines

    Soft coral reef scene with shoal of fish in the background   Location & date Malapascua, Philippines: 19th November 2014 Subject A fish-eye view of a coral reef in Calanggaman island near Malapascua, Philippines. The soft coral in the foreground is Dendronephthya sp. About this image Calanggaman island is how you would imagine a tropical…

  • Favia favus – Head coral

    Favia favus – Head coral

    Head coral Favia favus under super macro Location & date Malapascua, Philippines: 17th November 2014 Subject Favia favus is a reef building coral, found in shallow waters on the coral reef. This was taken during daytime and the polyps are retracted. The corallite on the left has something in its pharynx. The pharynx is the…