Carder bee on Knapweed greetings card


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Common Carder Bee on Pink Knapweed greetings card, showcasing a mesmerizing close-up photograph captured by our very own lens. Each card is a testament to the intricate beauty of nature, as the delicate carder bee delicately explores the vibrant pink petals of knapweed, creating a scene that’s both enchanting and serene.

Sustainable printing

Crafted with care, our cards are printed on premium 100% recycled paper by Sustainable Print, ensuring that each purchase is a step towards a greener future. To further minimize our environmental footprint, every card is carbon balanced through our partnership with the World Land Trust, contributing to the conservation of precious habitats around the globe.

Included with your purchase are envelopes, making it effortless to share a heartfelt message with loved ones or spread a little joy to someone special. Whether it’s a birthday wish, a note of encouragement, or a simple hello, our Common Carder Bee on Pink Knapweed card is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Perfect Greeting card

Inside, the card provides a blank canvas for your personal message, allowing you to share sentiments of joy, appreciation, or celebration against the backdrop of this enchanting scene.

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Individual or multipack

Individual, Pack of 5 *SAVE*


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