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Coral Reefs and the life they support by Toby Gibson
Coral Reefs and the life they support. A book by Toby Gibson

Coral reefs and the life they support

This book was produced as part of the MSc in Biological Photography and Imaging at Nottingham University. The book received a distinction grade.

Topics covered include:

– Reef-building corals
– Fluorescence photography of coral
– Ecology of coral reefs
– Invertebrates on coral reefs
– The future for coral reefs and conservation

If you are interested in buying a copy of this book please do contact me.



Mimic Octopus in shooting wildlife exhibition
Mimic Octopus framed print available from World Land Trust Gallery

World Land Trust Exhibition – conservation projects

As a former employee of World Land Trust, I was invited to exhibit some of my photographs in the World Land Trust Gallery. Prints and framed prints are still available from the World Land Trust Gallery. WLT receive a donation for each print purchased.

Images available include:

Mimic octopus in the Philippines

Whaleshark” taken in the Galapagos

Mixed shoal” taken in the Maldives.




[singlepic id=320 w=200 float=left]

Danjugan Island, Philippines

In 2010 I visited the World Land Trust funded conservation projects area of Danjugan Island in the Philippines. This beautiful tropical paradise island was saved from potential development. The conservation organisation Philippines Reef & Rainforest Project (PRRFC) now manages the project. Some of my photographs from this trip are currently used by the World Land Trust to promote their work.

More information and photographs on Danjugan Island and the Philippines

Gallery of Philippines wildlife images
Portfolio of images from Malapascua in 2014
– World Land Trust’s Reef & Rainforest project
Philippines Reef & Rainforest Project (PRRFC) in Danjugan island

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