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  • Moorhens fighting – all is not as it seems.

    Moorhens fighting – all is not as it seems.

    Moorhen fights These two moorhens Gallinula chloropus are fighting over a mate, but it is more likely to be two females fighting over a male than the other way round. The male is more likely to be seen passively sitting on the nest. This behaviour typically occurs around April at the start of the breeding…

  • Gannets at Bempton Cliffs

    Gannets at Bempton Cliffs

    I was lucky enough to visit Bempton Cliffs in Yorkshire recently. Apparently the highest coastal cliffs in England, they are home to thousands of seabirds, including puffins, razorbills, guillemots and of course, gannets. Bempton cliffs is an RSPB nature reserve, and with clear paths and platforms, it’s a great way to get very close to…

  • Pixie Hawkfish

      Pixie Hawkfish photo factsheet: Commonly found amongst hard corals on the reef, the Pixy Hawkfish is very photogenic and sits on top of the reef for just about long enough for you to to take a picture. It is about 9cm long. Scientific Name: Cirrhitchthys oxycephalus Photo Location: East Wall, Sanganeb Reef, Sudan. The…

  • Sudan Fish Portraits

    Sudan Fish Portraits

    A selection of fish portraits from Sudan     A few closeups of fish from my recent trip to Sudan. These are mainly taken with a 60mm macro lens.

  • Dolphins


    OK, so no great photos here, but as this was my first meaningful ‘swimming with dolphins’ experience, having been diving for over 20 years, I felt obliged! This was a resident pod of spinner dolphins in the lagoon at Sha’ab Rumi reef, which is where Jacques Cousteau created the Precontinent underwater Village. It’s still there,…

  • Longnose Hawkfish in Sudan

    Longnose Hawkfish in Sudan

    This is the first post about my recent trip to Sudan. I saw this pair of Longnose Hawkfish – Oxycirrhites typus amongst black coral off the South West tip of Sanganeb Reef. Hawkfish are normally solitary, and some of the other species are well known to underwater photographers as they tend to sit still on coral outcrops,…