A new image will be posted here every week. I will try to give a little more information about these images than I normally would.

Racing Stripe Flatworm on colourful coral

Racing stripe flatworm

Racing stripe flatworm swims over Discosoma coral Location & date Chocolate Island, Malapascua, Philippines. 16th November 2014 Subject The racing …
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Biodiversity of coral reefs in one picture

Biodiversity of coral reefs

Coral reef scene in the Red Sea Location & date Emperor divers house reef at Palace and Sahara Sands Hotels, Marsa …
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Fluorescent polyps of reef building coral

Fluorescent coral polyps

Image under ultraviolet showing fluorescent coral polyps Location & date Wadi Lahami, Red Sea, Egypt: 23rd June 2014 Subject Corals of …
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View from the Old Man of Storr in Skye

Skye Landscape – Old man of Storr

View from the Old Man of Storr Location & date Isle of Skye, UK: 17th January 2014 Subject The Isle …
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Double-spined urchin

Double-spined or banded sea urchin

The double-spined or banded sea-urchin Echinothrix calamaris Location & date Malapascua, Philippines: 14th November 2014 Subject A close-up of the …
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The moon through the trees in North Devon

Moon in waxing gibbous phase through the trees

The moon through the trees Location & date North Devon: 30th December 2014 Subject The moon in the waxing gibbous …
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Soft coral with fish shoal in the background, Calanggaman

Coral reef scene in the Philippines

Soft coral reef scene with shoal of fish in the background Location & date Malapascua, Philippines: 19th November 2014 Subject …
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Water droplets on a snowdrop

A snowdrop in North Devon, covered in water droplets Location & date North Devon, UK: 9th January 2013 Subject The …
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A sense of calm - spinner dolphins in the Red Sea

Pod of spinner dolphins

Spinner Dolphins Stenella longirostris in the Red Sea Location & date Fury Shoals, Egypt: 26th June 2014 Subject Spinner dolphins …
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Where life begins on coral reefs - {Favia favus}

Favia favus – Head coral

Head coral Favia favus under super macro Location & date Malapascua, Philippines: 17th November 2014 Subject Favia favus is a …
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