Pixie Hawkfish


Pixie Hawkfish photo factsheet:

Commonly found amongst hard corals on the reef, the Pixy Hawkfish is very photogenic and sits on top of the reef for just about long enough for you to to take a picture. It is about 9cm long.

Pixie Hawkfish

Scientific Name:

Cirrhitchthys oxycephalus

Photo Location:

East Wall, Sanganeb Reef, Sudan. The East Wall of Sanganeb is a little less dramatic than the

Camera setup:

Nikon D70, Nexus Housing. 60mm macro lens. 2 Inon Z240 strobes. f/16, 1/60 sec.

Why I like this photograph:

I like this photograph because the whole fish is in the same plane. By moving the strobes so that only the edge  of the beam hit the fish, I was able to eliminate any distracting background, and the Anthias behind are just blobs of orange.

More information:

These photographs were taken in Sudan and are of Pixie Hawkfish in their natural environment.

Related Species: Longnose Hawkfish


More photographs of Pixie Hawkfish:

Steephead Parrotfish with Pixie HawkfishPixie Hawkfish from above








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