Two Spinner Dolphins in SudanSpinner Dolphin in SudanSingle Spinner Dolphin in SudanSpinner Dolphins in a line

OK, so no great photos here, but as this was my first meaningful ‘swimming with dolphins’ experience, having been diving for over 20 years, I felt obliged!

This was a resident pod of spinner dolphins in the lagoon at Sha’ab Rumi reef, which is where Jacques Cousteau created the Precontinent underwater Village. It’s still there, on the edge of the reef, as are the tool shed and shark cage.

We spent about 20 minutes snorkelling with this pod of dolphins. It was very reassuring that they were completely indifferent to our presence, neither wanting to play, or showing any signs that we were disturbing them. There were at least 20 dolphins there, but no sign of any young, although there was a female that only seemed to swim upside down.



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